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Wilderness cabin in Ranua


LohiniittyThis new log cabin (2009) is on the bank of the famous Salmon River, Simojoki. In the surrounding areas, there are large areas of State owned hunting grounds and very good cloudberry swamps. 3,5 km of the river in front of the cabin are cabin owner’s fishing right waters. One fishing permit is included in the cabin rent. The cabin has a living room, kitchenette and a loft. An electrically heated sauna and shower is in the same building. The cabin has electricity and running water. Swimming is excellent for experienced swimmers, for kids a shallow beach at other side of the river.

The Simojoki is 180 km long river that runs from Lake Simojärvi, Ranua,  through Simo to the Baltic Sea. There are 101 rapids in the river, of which 51 are in  Ranua area. The river is great for shore fly-fishing: Salmon, Trout, Greyling and Whitefish. Other fish that can be caught are pike, perch, bream etc. However, fishing is prohibited weekly for one day from Sunday 6 p.m. to Monday 6 p.m. Peaceful wilderness landscape can be found upstream, whereas towards the downstream, the landscape is more agricultural. For paddlers and  rafters the level of difficulty of the rapids can be found in the infomap.

Nearest neigbour 200 m. Available for rent around the year.




Lohi = salmon

Niitty = meadow, old field


Cabin amenities and equipment:


Electric lighting and heating, cooker and refrigerator, sauna and shower, and woodstove. In summer riverside sauna. Excellent for experienced swimmers; for kids at other side of the river a shallow beach. Microwave oven, radio, TV. Outdoor toilet. Rowing boat.


Cabin keys:


Keys from: Teboil Ranua
Opening hours: Please check with the key supplier or owner in advance.
Address: Kiertotie 13, 97700 Ranua
Telephone: +358 (0) 16 355 1551


Keys from: C.H. De Groot
Opening hours: Any time.
Address: Simontie 179 A, 97700 Ranua
Gsm: +358 (0)400 790850
Skype: keesandlinda



Fishing is prohibited weekly from Sunday 6 p.m. to Monday 6 p.m.

The Golden Cloudberry Festival in the beginning of August.
Martimoaapa Mire Preservation Area has marked hiking trails, and the area is well known for its birds and cloudberry swamps.

Water from excellent well; can be boiled to be very safe, but is not needed.



Beds: 4
Persons: 4
Cabin surface: 25m2
Electricity: Yes
Running water: Yes

Toilet: Outdoor

Sauna: Inside, also riverside sauna in summertime.
Shower: Inside
Heating: Electric and wood
Car accessibility summer: Yes
Car accessibility winter: Yes


All rates in euros.

Basic season:
65 / 390 €
Midsummer (Thurs-Sun): 260 €


Prices 2012:
Basic season:
65 / 390 €

Midsummer (Thurs-Sun): 260 €

Maps and location:

Map: http://www.retkikartta.fi/
Map (pdf): M136_lohiniitty.pdf
GPS: X=3453276 Y=7318908


  N/P/lat E/I/lon
KKJ  7318908 3453276


65° 57.579'
65° 57' 34.748''

25° 58.355'
25° 58' 21.299''
WGS84 65.96009416
65° 57.606'
65° 57' 36.339''
25° 58.123'
25° 58' 7.384''


Driving directions: 

Drive 14 km from Ranua towards Nuupas. Turn left onto road Simontie (nro 924) and drive 17,8 km. Turn left at Mauru junction and drive 300 m to the shore. 



Cornelis Herman De Groot
Simontie 179 A
97700 RANUA

E-mail: cornelis.degroot@pp.inet.fi
Gsm:     +358 (0)400 790850

Skype: keesandlinda 

You can also make online reservation (Wild Nordic):


10840 Lohiniitty


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