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Holiday-in-Lapland.com and the municipality of Ranua offer a chance to enjoy a unique type of holiday. We hope our small Dutch-Ghanaian family will make renting your cabin an easy and enjoyable experience. We offer a friendly, personal service and genuinely want you to have a relaxing and inspiring holiday in Finland. We speak English, Dutch, French, German, Finnish and Twi. We are more than happy to book your accommodation. These pages also try to help you travelling in Finland. 


Being close to the Arctic Circle and Rovaniemi, Ranua is the gateway to Lapland. The countryside around Ranua with its wide primeval forests and marshlands offers a wide range of opportunities for outdoor activities like salmon fly fishing, canoeing, berry and mushroom picking, birdwatching, hunting, and in winter crosscountry skiing, ice fishing, dog or reindeer safaris, and Northern Lights watching.  


Ranua is very famous for The Golden Cloudberry Festival and cloudberries, but Lapland's leading tourist attraction for families throughout the year is Ranua Wildlife Park with the polar bears and the musk oxes etc. Horse-riding and coach rides, dog sledging and reindeer rides are all possible there.   You can buy souveniers, Fazer candies and local wines made of wild berries. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. You can do many other things here in Ranua.


In Simojärvi, there is  the Japanese house, which is an exotic cultural experience in the middle of the Lappish nature. Events, temporary exhibitions, a coffee shop and limited accommodation can all be found in the Japanese house.


By checking our Activities and Links pages, you will find a great variety of different possibilities.


Holiday-in-Lapland.com cooperates with Wild Nordic, which was formerly part of the National Board of Forestry, Metsähallitus. Nowadays the owner is Lomarengas. Wild Nordic offers our online services. The logcabin Peurakangasranta is located on the shore of Ranuanjärvi, Lake Ranua, near the village of Ranua. The distance is approximately 6 kilometers. Lohiniitty is located on the shore of the salmon river, Simojoki (32 km to Ranua), which is also one of our prides together with lake Simojärvi. Our "headquarter", Samurai Salmon,  is also located near Lohiniitty. Teboil, the petrol station in Ranua, is the place  where the cabin keys can be received and returned.


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Cornelis Herman De Groot

Simontie 179 A

97700 RANUA


E-mail: cornelis.degroot@pp.inet.fi


Gsm:   +358 (0)400 790850

Skype: keesandlinda


Ranua info:

Charter: 1917
Region / Province: Lapland
Area: 3.696,8 km2, land 3.464,80 km2 and water 232 km2
Population 31.01.2011: 4311, density 1,25/ km2, 99,8 % by native language, 208th largest in Finland
Municipal tax rate: 19,25 %
Unemployment rate on the average in 2010: 14,5 %
Place of employment (in 2008): primary production 22,4 %, processing 12,4 %, services 63,8 %, unknown 1,4 %
Area rank: 14th largest in Finland
Neighbours: Simo, Tervola, Rovaniemi, Posio, Pudasjärvi and Ii
Distances: International Airport 91 km (Rovaniemi), Railway station 82 km (Rovaniemi), Helsinki-Vantaa Airport 765 km
Nearest town centres: Pudasjärvi 73 km, Rovaniemi 82 km, Kemi 121 km, Kemijärvi 130 km, Tornio 145 km, Kuusamo 146 km,  Oulu 160 km
Nearest Ski Resorts: Isosyöte 70 km, Ounasvaara 82 km, Ruka 153 km, Suomu 156 km, Pyhätunturi 180 km

Services and locations:



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